Even though Manhunt wasn't held in the same regard as Rockstar's seminal PlayStation 2 franchise Grand Theft Auto, some people still hold the ultra-violent game in high regard. Good new for them then, as Rockstar is releasing the bloody stealth-action game on the PSN on May 14th.

Ten years ago, Manhunt hit the PlayStation 2 like a broken glass bottle to the throat. The gritty game about escaping a demented prison took violence to a whole new level, and really pushed the envelope at the time. Looking back, it's still hard to believe Manhunt was released as is, and the painful ways you can take out enemies are just as brutal and hardcore as ever.

Arriving on the PSN next week for $9.99, Manhunt will join all the GTAs, Red Dead Revolver, Midnight Club, and Bully as PlayStation 2 Classics. As good as that news is to hear, even better is the announcement Rockstar will also be bringing The Warriors to the PlayStation 2 Classic line-up very soon. While no date was given, the game based on the 70s movie of the same name was quite a hit when it came out, and there are sure to be lots of fans happy to have the chance to come out and play once more.