Respawn has released a short live-action clip titled Titanfall: Free the Frontier. The project is a collaboration between Respawn and visual effects production house Playfight. Click on the video above to check it out.

Respawn began teasing the clip earlier this week at

The clip is the first in what is a collaboration between Respawn and Playfight in creating original content set in the Titanfall universe.

Even though the clip is one minute and twenty-five seconds long, the video is jam-packed with Titanfall goodness and visual candy galore. We see a pilot jumping from an airship right into a warzone. We see him jet packing around from wall to wall before jumping through a window and stabbing an enemy.

After fighting enemies off using hand-to-hand combat, we get an awesome view of the pilot running and jumping out a window while shooting more enemies below. But not all is safe, as in the distance, two Titans are fighting and he's on the run for his life when he's spotted.

If you're a fan of the game, you'll want to watch this brief clip. We can't wait to see what else is coming from Respawn and Playfight.

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