The Raccoon City Police Department has never looked better in this impressive, fan-made rendition of Resident Evil 2 using Unreal Engine 3.

It has been 17 years since Resident Evil 2 launched on the PS One. While Capcom has given the first entry of the series all the attention over the years, it's about time someone gave us the remake RE2 deserves. Unfortunately, we're never going to play it, but at least we can watch a full playthrough of the entire remake. Hardcore Umbrella fan Rod Lima has posted a footage of his Unreal Engine 3 remake of Resident Evil 2, Eurogamer reports. While Lima won't publicly release this project, we at least get to see everything from RE2's opening diner scenes to Claire Redfield's getaway with Sherry Birkin.

Lima created this remake using Unreal Engine 3 mixed with the 3D environments of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles (an on-rails shooter for the Wii which retraced the main entries of the series). The game's cutscenes were comprised of the original's with a few from Darkside Chronicles incorporated as well. At first, Rod Lima used Resident Evil 4's over-the-shoulder style of gameplay with laser-sight aiming, but switched to fixed camera angles to make everything less graphics-intensive and to maintain RE2's vibe. Don't expect to play this anywhere, Lima made this for himself just for the sake of learning how to use the Unreal Development Kit.

Resident Evil 2 still looks creepy.