Last April, shortly after Double Fine changed the game with their record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, developer Camouflaj flew under the radar with a successful funding of their own, netting over half a million bucks to get République off the ground. Just a few days ago, Camouflaj released a developer video and new screenshots for a February update.

If you haven't read much about République, it's a stealth-action game that takes place in a world of “censorship, voyeurism  and paranoia,” according to the developers. You play as a woman named Hope, who must escape from a totalitarian facility that's monitored by an unsavory character who goes by the name of The Overseer. Sounds a lot like certain beloved stealth-action series of games that features everyone's favorite cardboard-box hiding soldier. And there's reason for that.

République is being worked on by people who also worked on games like Halo, Uncharted and ... Metal Gear Solid! Bingo. It also features the voice of David Hayter, AKA Solid Snake. And let's not forget the voice of Jennifer "FemShep" Hale, who easily delivered the best voice acting in the Mass Effect series. That's some serious talent for a game that's going to hit iOS first.

As of right now, the target release date for République is later this summer on the App Store, with PC and Mac versions to follow shortly after.

Check out the new video and screenshots below: