Pitfall! is an awesome endless runner and Activison keeps adding to it, seemingly adding new content each time they update the game. This next update is a big one, adding a new game mode and more.

Not content with the regular Endless Mode, Activision released update 1.2, which includes Relic Rush Mode, a challenge mode with 12 all new custom built stages. Your goal is to get the best time possible in each stage. And it isn't easy. The stages are very challenging and you'll be swiping and tilting your iPhone or iPad like crazy trying to get past each one.

There are also 32 mystical diamond relics hidden within Relic Rush. They also include a brand new power-up called Burst Tonic for the new game mode.

But the new mode isn't the only addition! There's also an Outfit Bonus for Outfit-of-the-Day. Meaning Harry will earn special abilities if he's wearing the right outfit each day you play. So unlocking outfits may be something you want to focus on. There are also eight new Patches you can earn.

Check out some screens from the new mode below. If you haven't played Pitfall! yet, it's one of the best endless runner games in the App Store. Click to download it for your iPhone & iPad.