The internet has had mixed reactions towards the unveiling of the Nintendo 2DS but we believe there are 5 Reasons Why the 2DS is a Good Idea. The 2DS strays from the clam-shell designs that Nintendo handhelds have had since the Game Boy Advance SP was released 10 years ago. It has all the functionality of the current 3DS platform with the obvious exclusion of its 3D technology, and the less obvious lack of stereo speakers. But we believe that Nintendo's current designs are reasonable, which is why we are presenting 5 Reasons Why the 2DS is a Good Idea.

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    3D is not for Everybody

    Many gamers play their 3DS with the 3D slider completely turned off. When the system came out, there were cries all over the internet that the 3DS had to be locked into a fixed perspective and angle between the player and its screens. We are constantly readjusting the slider in order to achieve the perfect 3D effect, and avoid the blurring that occurs if the slider is too high or if the system is held at an angle. The 2DS is intended for those who would have trouble with the slider and, simply, those who do not care for 3D intertwined with their gaming experience.

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    A Comfortable Layout

    We have to admit, having nearly all of the controls on the bottom half of the 3DS makes the system seem rather top-heavy in terms of how we hold it. The 2DS's analog stick and front-button placement are at a much more logical place, the top half. For most DS/3DS titles, the analog stick, control pad and buttons interact with the top screen, with the bottom screen either utilizing its touchscreen or being secondary to the action above it. The layout appears rather comfortable and adheres more to the hands than an unfolded 3DS would.

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    Lower Price for Playing 3DS Titles

    There are plenty of people who wanted to try out 3DS exclusives without having to drop the money for all of the handheld's extra trimmings. People forget that the original 3DS debuted at $249 and was dropped to $169 just a few months later. Parents looking to entertain their children for a reduced rate, and gamers on a budget, can each benefit from the 2DS. Instead of simply taking a financial blow and dropping the price of the current 3DS systems, Nintendo decided to provide the market with something it needs a little more of, variety.

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    Won't Break as Easily

    The 2DS avoids the most common mishap of the clam-shell design: broken hinges. While this problem was much more prevalent for the Nintendo DS Lite and much rarer for the 3DS and 3DS XL, the 2DS design prevents this entirely. Its large size prevents the average person from putting the handheld in their pocket, thus you won't have to worry about accidentally sitting on it (and its axe-blade shape will lessen the chances of broken screens even if someone does). Furthermore, tablet trends have been subconsciously teaching people to continuously protect handheld items with exposed screens.

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    Specifically Designed with Children in Mind

    Weighing in at the top of our list of 5 Reasons Why the 2DS is a Good Idea is the most logical choice. We hate to break it to you all, but a VAST majority of Nintendo's handheld library has been intended for a children's demographic.  The 2DS system itself might be considered ugly, but when you put it in the hands of a child, does it matter? When you think about it, both the original Game Boy and Game Boy Advance handhelds were ugly as sin, but did children of the '90s and 2000s notice? We don't want to sound like a commercial, but if you already have a 3DS or a 3DS XL, obviously the 2DS isn't for you. And Nintendo isn't trying to force it down your throats. The 2DS simply exists as an ALTERNATIVE to the current 3DS choices.