A lengthy new video for Super Smash Bros. has just been released in Japan, giving newcomers an introduction to the Smashtivities heading towards the Nintendo 3DS.

The video is about five minutes long and introduces us to the very barebones basics of the game: characters, item use, stage selections, smash attack, the presence of Smash Balls, Final Smashes and more. For veterans or anyone who's ever played at least half an hour of a Super Smash Bros. game, this will all be very familiar and might even be second nature. The object of the game is to build up your opponent's damage percentage so they're weak enough to be booted off the stage from a hard-hitting attack. Simple, right? It's when you add in a bunch of items, moving stages, varied movesets and a ton of other hazards that things start to get tricky.

We get to see some of the new Pokemon that can randomly come out of the Pokeball item along with some new Assist Trophies, like Isabelle, the Mayor's Assistant from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. There's also a brief look at Smash's mini-games and trophy collection.

Watch the video above to see all of the handheld madness that will ensue when Super Smash Bros. launches on the 3DS starting Oct. 3, with its Wii U counterpart coming out this winter.