The journey for Luc Bernard's action RPG platformer has been a tough one, but nothing can stop the Reaper.

Luc Bernard, founder of Oyaji Games, has posted the E3 trailer for Reaper on the PlayStation Blog. Reaper has been in development for almost five years now, originally intended for release on the PlayStation Portable. While the game was pushed aside for other Oyaji projects, Bernard is glad to say that everything is back on track when it comes to his scythe-filled platformer.

Reaper is a side-scrolling, action RPG that revolves around a card system. These cards dictate the weapons, armor pieces, summoned creatures, spells and pets that you will have on the battlefield. While no launch date has been set, we can't wait to try out the inherited powers of death when Reaper launches exclusively on PS Vita as a free-to-play title.