A real life version of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft copyright infringes its way to prove why Blizzard keeps the game digital-only.

Just when you thought that overseas copyright violations couldn't get any more ridiculous, this bootleg version of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft game reminds us why Blizzard isn't hurrying to move the game off of the digital market and into the real world. Games in Asia reports that this real life adaptation of Hearthstone is starting to move some serious numbers in China. Despite not being sanctioned by Blizzard, this physical version of Hearthstone includes two sets of every classes' cards, four copies of every normal and legendary card and a bunch of token-like cards in case you need extra summoned minions. There are also various game pieces you can use to represent the likes of Taunt and Silence. You also have your own playmat, with its background image taken directly from the game.

Unfortunately, players have reported that playing the game is immensely slow-paced, especially when compared to the digital game -- there are just too many complex mechanics to replicate in a physical version of Hearthstone.

We shouldn't be surprised that Hearthstone has been bootlegged as a physical game overseas. Mind you, China opened a $48 million World of Warcraft theme park without Blizzard's permission. Despite its strange nuances, this card game is a fairly effective way at bringing Hearthstone over to the physical world -- here's to hoping that Blizzard is watching.

Games in Asia
Games in Asia

We already know how bad regular Hearthstone can get, just imagine a real life game.