For some people, it's just not enough to have one world record, such as Mamytwink and co, who have decided to go for two new Hearthstone Guiness World Records.

Some records just inspire people to break them and Mamytwink to break two different records at once — most cards drawn in a single turn and most fatigue damage... ever, Kotaku reports. Mamytwink and co have already broken the longest Hearthstone turn — spoiler alert, it lasted 45 hours. Now, they're expecting over 15,000 cards drawn along with over 100 million fatigue damage. You can check out the list below to see their entire setup, but just know that this won't be the last time that Mamytwink and friends try for a Hearthstone record.

  • Prophet Velen was buffed 2 times Velen’s Choice (more than 30 times for some Velen).
  • Acolyte of Pain was buffed multiple times with the card Divine spirit until he had 796 000 HP.
  • Prophet Velen and Acolyte of Pain have then been multiplied on the field thanks to multiple Faceless manipulator
  • In order to multiply Faceless Manipulator, we used the card Mind vision.
  • Iceblock prevents the Priest from dying.
  • The spellpower increases the number of missiles casted by Arcane Missiles. 14 spellpower = +15 missiles. this makes a total amount of 14 + 3 = 17 missiles. Prophet Velen doubles the number of missiles. Because there are 7 on the battlefield, the number of missiles has been multiplied 2^7 = 128 times. 17 = 2 176 missiles. Finally, Arcane Missiles x 9 have been cast, which gives 2 176 x 9 = 19 584 missiles.
  • 3/4 of the missile hit an Acolyte. 3/4 x 19 584 = 14 688 cards drawn.
  • 14 688 cards of fatigue drawn = ((14 688)x(14 688+1))/2 = 107 876 016 fatigue damages.
  • The turn should last a little bit more than 24 hours.
  • We did not over buff the Velens because the game crashes if more than 2’500 missiles are shot with each spell card.

The stream is over now, but you can catch the replay at Mamytwink's Twitch and, in the meantime, wonder how he's going to manage accomplishing three Hearthstone records at once, as his offline screen promises.

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