It's been a while since Rare's had a proper video game release, but things are stirring at the Microsoft-exclusive developer, and there could be big things on the horizon for a beloved franchise.

Through a series of calculations and serious investigations (that I'm glad I didn't have to do myself) Gematsu believes that Rare may be coming out with a new Banjo-Kazooie game. Its most recent Banjo-Kazooie game came out in 2008, and Rare's last major release, Kinect Sports Rivals, was hardly the hit Microsoft expected it to be. What we've learned so far is that when replying to a fan, Robin Beanland, the composer for Rare, responded with this Tweet:

We also know that throughout the Banjo Kazooie games there have been musical notes popped into the scenery every once in a while. There were also a few more tweets from Beanland where he revealed his banjo was broken, and another shortly after where that banjo was fixed and played a few notes. Finally, NeoGAF poster Kampfheld has reported that a certain Morse Code message from back in October spells out, "B-K E3 2015," which may suggest that its announcement for this game will come later this year at E3.

There's really no solid evidence behind all the speculations so, our best bet would just be to wait until June and see if Rare really does announce a new Banjo-Kazooie game.

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