While we felt Rare dropped the ball with the Banjo-Kazooie demo at SXSW, at least our favorite, foul-mouthed squirrel is back in Conker's Big Reunion, heading to Project Spark.

The Conker series was a relatively short one, there were only two true Conker games in all, but as far as Conker himself goes, he's made it around the video game world (we all know he's been around). Polygon reports Rare announced it's making a new Conker game — Conker's Big Reunion. The game will be an episodic adventure that will utilize the game creation tool for Xbox One and PC, Project Spark. While Project Spark is still a relatively new app, only having come out in October, the Rare team will be taking full advantage of it in this upcoming episodic adventure.

The cool thing about Project Spark is that it's a game that allows creators to make new games off of it. Because of this, when Conker's first episode comes out on April 23, it will be releasing alongside the Conker Builder Pack. Conker and just about 300 other new assets will be in the pack for you to make content with in Project Spark. The other assets include characters, props, terrain, effects, music and sounds.

As is suggested by the title, the game will follow Conker as he attempts to reconnect with his buddies. Unfortunately, when speaking on the matter, Project Spark developer Team Dakota admitted that not everything goes swimmingly during Conker's attempt. We're still waiting for most of the information to come out surrounding the project, but you can check out a brief trailer for the game above.

This new Conker content as well as Conker's Big Reunion will be available on April 23 for Xbox One and PC via Project Spark.