If you've been following the Project Spark craze, you'll know that Conker's Big Reunion is about to launch for it as Microsoft Studios has released a new trailer for Conker's new quest.

Rare's most recent Conker's Big Reunion trailer showcases our favorite badass squirrel in all his smelly goodness. One of the coolest things about Conker's Big Reunion is Project Spark — a game that allows you to create game (and video) content — that's gameception. When Conker's Big Reunion comes out, there will be two different version you can buy. You can either buy the base game for a little less or you can buy the game and the Conker Creation Pack that will give you a bunch of assets from the game that will allow you to create your very own personalized Conker experience. This will also include the Conker Champion for Champions Quest that will be playable as well as the first episode of Champion Quest.

The trailer above showcases some of the features of the upcoming game as well as the different characters you can expect to encounter and some pretty awesome battle sequences. Not to mention, the graphics are pretty awesome too. We're digging the teddy bear with the axe.

You can be on the look out for Conker's Big Reunion and the Conker Creation Pack when they both come out on April 23 for Windows 8.1 and Xbox One via Project Spark. Conker's Big Reunion by itself will cost $4.99 while the game and the Conker Creation Pack together will cost $9.99.