Gamelion is porting Rage of the Gladiator, a WiiWare fighting game in the vein of Punch-Out, to iOS devices. What's in store for those who want to face the horrors of the arena?

Players will step into the sandals of Gracius, a fallen prince who is accused of murdering his father. He battles in the arena to clear his name and seek sweet, savory revenge. The game promises to be more of an arcade-like experience than similar-looking games like Infinity Blade or Blood & Glory, which also stars a gladiator.

Fights will be three-round affairs against a menagerie of mythological creatures. The combat consists of the familiar setup of swiping to attack, tapping buttons and arrows for blocking and dodging, jumping, combos, and tiered "power" moves.

What should set the game apart is that the opponents aren't the strong, silent type. Enemy combatants have their own unique personalities and will speak often during battle. These blurbs can act as indicators for what move they'll perform next, because they're followed by a bit of telegraphing.

Would-be gladiators can prove their mettle sometime in November, so they should still have a bit of time to train up their finger reflexes.

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