If you're a big RPG and puzzle fan, Nintendo's got great news — Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition and Puzzle & Dragons Z are coming out together very soon in one awesome bundle.

We finally have a release date for the combo featuring Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros Edition and Puzzle & Dragons Z that will be releasing together for the Nintendo 3DS. These games will present you with some classic match-three gameplay, but with some cool twists.

In the Super Mario Bros. Edition of Puzzle & Dragons, you will get to pick a team leader, such as Mario, and go out to battle against his enemies using a team of Bowser's henchman who have joined your cause. Make sure you pick the right team or else no matter how many matches you have, it won't matter! Every leader has its own Leader Skill that acts as a passive (Mario's raises your team's ATK stat after attacking with 3+ combos). You can also transform your companions so that they gain new skills and increase their level cap. Every time you match three orbs you will be able to attack an enemy. If you match five or more orbs together you'll even be able to attack two enemies at once! Of course, chaining together multiple attacks in one round is fun.

Puzzle & Dragons Z will be much the same, but in this game you will be on a quest to save the world. You will encounter over 250 different monsters that you will defeat in order to earn chips to evolve your monsters. This is more in line with the Puzzle & Dragons experience you can already get on your mobile device, but much grander.

Be on the lookout for Puzzle & Dragons Z and Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition when they launch together on May 22 for Nintendo 3DS. There's also a free demo of it coming out on April 30.