Necromorphs, ninjas and demon blades are slashing their costs as July's set of free games are announced for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The PlayStation Blog has unveiled which free games PlayStation Plus subscribers will be getting next month. PlayStation 4 users with a PS Plus subscription will be able to download Towerfall Ascension and Strider for no cost. Towerfall Ascension is an archery combat game where you must loot treasure chests, try to catch arrows and shoot your enemies. Strider is the next-gen return of an old favorite. You get to play as Strider Hiryu as he uses his ninjitsu and acrobatic skills in fast-paced, side-scrolling action.

PlayStation 3 subscribers to PlayStation Plus will be able to download Dead Space 3 and Vessel. Vessel is a puzzle game that revolves around a unique liquid physics engine. You must think about how liquids react to lava, steam and other chemicals in order to progress through each level. Dead Space 3 is the action-oriented horror game which continues the story of Issac Clarke as he fights off the Church of Unitology and those scary Necromorphs. Dead Space 3 introduced some great multiplayer aspects to the terrifying franchise.

PS Vita Plus members will be able to download Doki-Doki Universe and Muramasa Rebirth. Doki-Doki Universe is a strange, minimalist game that is filled with hand-drawn figures and adorable personalities. Muramasa Rebirth is a gorgeous action-RPG hybrid that blends fast action with Japanese mythology.

Keep an eye out for when these titles become free to download for PS Plus subscribers on July 1. Just make sure you download this month's free titles before they disappear on June 30.