Despite failing to meet its Kickstarter goal, Project Awakened refuses to go gentle into that good night. On the title's official site, Phosphor Games is asking gamers to take a survey on whether crowdfunding via PayPal is a viable option.

The survey will last for a week, and the results of the survey will be made public. If fans collectively pledge over $350-$500,000, Phosphor Games will start a six week fundraising campaign via credit card and PayPal. A closed Beta on Project Awakened is also promised by late next year, and the developers will also have a Create A Player Sandbox Prototype available for viewing this year.

The Sandbox Prototype, according to Phosphor, harkens back to a previous Create a Player video but with, "more abilities, a decent set of visual outfit, and more objects and AI to mess around with."

If the survey doesn't call for a new campaign, Project Awakened will still be worked on by the developers, but "slowly" and on their own "spare time."

Creating your own player with customized special abilities is a huge selling point for Project Awakened, and hopefully the Unreal Engine 4 driven project will find the support it deserves.