The procedurally generated worlds of Corpse of Discovery might have some thinking of No Man's Sky, but we're in a much darker and grounded territory.

This debut trailer for Corpse of Discovery has you trying to survive in the desolate areas of an unexplored planet. You play an astronaut who has been marooned on an unknown world with no way to get back home. Your ship was wrecked, your gear was scattered across the land, you can't call home and you don't even have a soccer ball to paint Wilson's face on it, but you do have an assistance bot named A.V.A. Phosphor Games will be taking you from a your NASA trip and dropping you headfirst into the themes of sacrifice, identity and trying to be become successful. Just know that there are things out there in the blackness of space that no other humans have ever encountered before.

Corpse of Discovery has you adventuring and exploring procedurally generated worlds that range from scary to gorgeous. There's a reason to this madness, and your character needs to understand why he ended up in this predicament in the first place. Along the way, you'll have to explore unpredictable lands, secure resources and survive harsh environments, ranging from extreme heat, storms and other kinds of otherworldly meteorological effects. Regardless of what happens, your main priority is still trying to get home.

While no kind of release date was announced, Corpse of Discovery is coming soon to PC.

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