Phosphor Games' first-person planetary exploration title is launching, and here's a trailer to showcase this lone journey through space.

Corpse of Discovery is all about space exploration, dealing with isolation and self discovery. Its Creative Director, Chip Sineni, was inspired to make this game from the countless hours he spent developing games away from his family. Likewise, Corpse of Discovery's protagonist is out in space, all by his lonesome, occasionally playing old messages from his family. Sineni actually used images and voiceovers from his family for the game. Time is your most important resource while you're out in space, and you have to determine what to do with the limited time that you have.

You're stuck out in space with no way home. Your gear was scattered across a mysterious planet and you have no way of returning to your family. You do have an assistance bot, but it hardly makes up for the loneliness and isolation you'll feel out in the void. You have a radiation shield you'll need to manage in order to repel the extreme heat, otherworldly storms and various kinds of meteorological and environmental effects that you'd never experience on Earth. Obviously, you're going to have to explore the dangerous regions around you. You have messages from your family saved at your station just in case you need a reminder of what you're struggling to return to, but don't forget you have important things to do.

Corpse of Discover is launching later today on Steam.

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