Games in the App Store are always going on sale so we thought it would be nice to give you the heads up on the hottest games that have recently dropped in price. Some price drops are permanent and some are only for a few days. So grab these titles now! You never know if they'll go back up in price!

  • BMX Jam

    Vivid Games

    Are you ready to freestyle through tons of BMX-packed levels of action? Then you are probably ready for BMX Jam, one of the best extreme games out there. Think Tony Hawk, only with bikes. In fact, don't think at all, because this one is a no-brainer. And it's free!

  • Mr.Oops!!

    Skotos Tech

    The title says it all with this goofy game. The only thing between that scared little stickman and an imminent squashing at the hands of a boulder is your finger. So put it to good use and avoid an oops moment by keeping the little guy out of harms way. It's not like it will cost you anything.

  • Amerzone - The Explorer's Legacy HD


    Prepared yourself for some stuffed-shirtedness and high mindedness with this title. But you gotta have a little of that sometimes with your iOS diet. Not everything can be zombies and lazers. In this adventure, you're tasked with solving a mystery surrounding the missing egg of a rare bird. The game is afoot!

  • Sniper Strike

    Donoma Games

    This game is all about the precision of the shot. Get ready to channel your inner Tom Berenger and line up your targets in the sights of five different sniper rifles. Your first target? This game! It's free, so come on ... pull the trigger.