Irrational has come up with some stretch goals for pre-orders on BioShock Infinite via Steam, including giving away digital copies of the original BioShock.

While giving away copies of original games in a franchise isn't a new concept (both Batman: Arkham City and Gears of War: Judgment did the same thing, among others), the way in which Irrational is offering up free games to potential BioShock Infinite buyers is interesting.

Should enough Steam customers pre-order BioShock Infinite, the first BioShock will be made available for free. More pre-orders will unlock more free goodies, including a second tier where exclusive Team Fortress 2 hats (one for each class), will be given out. Finally, if pre-orders reach a third plateau, everyone who pre-ordered will get a free copy of X-COM: Enemy Unknown through Steam.

It's a risky gamble, but one that only benefits Irrational in the long run. The free copies of the original game and possibly X-COM don't really hurt the developer's bottom line, yet allows Irrational to incentivize the game in ways other retailers cannot.

What do you think of Irrational's plan? Will you pre-order on PC in the hopes you'll get all the extra goodies?