The Oculus Rift is causing some jealousy and now everyone is hopping on the VR bandwagon as PopCap's creator throws his hat into the virtual reality war.

That's right, the man who helped make Plants vs. Zombies a household name is now rallying a new team for the virtual reality war. Polygon reports that John Vechey left PopCap Games to find something new and he sure did with this recent VR craze. He has decided to open his own virtual reality studio, PlutoVR.

"I went to DICE and heard Palmer Luckey speak, and then at GDC last year I learned more about VR," Vechey explained. "In fact our conversation, Ben, we spent most of it talking about VR, and I was getting really excited about what it could do for gaming and human interaction."

The things about PopCap that excited Vechey most were how flexible the company was -- it had games on many different platforms that appealed to many different people. Now, Vechey is looking for the same freedom in virtual reality development.

"We live in an increasingly connected world. With video-conferencing, social media, and online gaming, we can communicate and play with others like never before," Vechey added. "However, talking into a phone, sharing a video, or looking at a webcam aren't natural ways of communicating and don't come close to what it is like to sit across the table from someone and share an experience."

It looks like Vechey isn't going to be fully geared towards gaming with PlutoVR. While Vechey is still waiting for big name companies to really flush out the VR landscape, it seems that he has some pretty good ideas surrounding what he wants to make happen with virtual reality tech that is unique from most others.

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