Cue "Ode to Joy," PopCap Games has confirmed that its hit, ball-bouncing puzzler, Peggle 2, will be making its way to the PlayStation 4.

The announcement came by way of a tweet from the official Peggle Twitter.

As you can see, it's set for a release on Oct. 14. The mock-up of the PlayStation 4 box art leads us to believe that it might be available as a physical, retail copy on top of being a downloadable title. It's been almost a year since the game first debuted on the Xbox One in Dec. 2013, but more Peggle is always welcome.

There's no word on whether or not this PlayStation 4 version of Peggle 2 will come with any bonuses or console-exclusive extras, but we'll let you know once more information is released. Until then, await the Oct. 14 release date and the return of Bjorn the Unicorn in all of his head-banging glory.

Peggle 2
PopCap Games

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