The names of the Pokemon X and Y's legendary Pokemon have been revealed, just one day after the big announcement for the games!

Two images have popped up on the official Pokemon X and Y site, featuring the two  legendary Pokemon as they appeared in the announcement trailer. And according to the site, the strapping fellow on the left with the huge antlers is called Xerneas (ZURR-nee-us), while our friend in the skies is called Yveltal (ee-VELL-tall).

If context clues are any indicator, you'll only be able to grab Xerneas in Pokemon X and Yveltal in Pokemon Y, unless The Pokemon Company decides to totally blow our minds and do the opposite. There's no word on what type these two legendary Pokemon are, but we'll let you know if any other news comes out regarding these guys and these two highly-anticipated games when they hit the 3DS this October.