It's time once again to honor the fans of Pokemon X and Y who have taken it upon themselves to use their artistic talents in order to express their fandom. The games might not be released yet, but that's irrelevant! We've already shown you some excellent fan art in our Part 1 and Part 2 articles, now let's check out some more excellent pieces of Pokemon X and Y fanart!

  • Ninfia

    This wee, little Sylveon looks pretty ethereal, which is fitting for a Fairy-Type.

  • Find Us, Chespin

    Here we see a bunch of Chespin playing hide-and-seek and just being the adorable little critters they are.

  • Dedenne and Coke-Mon

    How much do you want to bet that ill-informed parents are going to call this thing "Pikachu" for the next 10 years?

  • Mega Ampharos

    The announcement of Mega Evolutions has folks in a tizzy. Check out this elegant Mega Ampharos!

    DaisyDuke 14
  • Let's Jump Over Fences

    This Gogoat looks strong enough to jump over any ridge!

  • VS Mega Blaziken

    So an Absol, a Honedge and a Mega Blaziken walk into a bar...

    Mejiro Kun
  • Mega Lucario

    If Mega Lucario doesn't show up in Super Smash Bros., we're going to have words with Nintendo.

  • Mega Lucario in a Pokeball

    With all of the technology we have, we still can't make functioning Pokeballs?!

    Jonathan Jo
  • New Girl

    Serena sure has some unique fashion sense. We can't wait to see her adventures in Pokemon X and Y.