Better hope Snorlax doesn't find out that some of our favorite Pokemon are coming to McDonald's.

CVG reports that McDonald's has unveiled that its next line of Happy Meal toys are going to be based on Pokemon. These toys, which have already released in Europe, will be included in Happy Meals once McDonald's current toy line, Spider-Man, ends its run. Given that the Big Mac supplier has recently teamed up with Nintendo to include Super Mario toys in its Happy Meals, we're glad to see that Pokemon is the next step in this partnership.

There are going to be twelve individual Pokemon toys that will consist of small Pokeballs, each containing a Pokemon cutout inside them. Based on Nintendo's promotional picture, there is likely to be a corresponding card included with the toy that you will be able to use in the collectible Pokemon Trading Card Game. Unfortunately, becoming a Pokemon Master means you might have to put on a couple of pounds.