Just because it looks like a PIkachu doesn't mean this Pokemon-themed car is electric-powered.

Toyota has unveiled two Toyopet Pokemon cars at the Tokyo Toy Show 2014, Joystiq reports. The Fennekin vehicle looks just like the fire-fox, and we don't mean the Internet browser, we mean the one from Pokemon X and Y. Just look at those adorable ears.

If you check out these additional pictures of the car at Japan Trends, you will see just how perfect the fox face of Fennekin matches with its custom-made bumper. There's something about the headlights on the Pikachu car that make the yellow rodent look a bit kooky, but you can't argue that the car is adorable nonetheless.

On the other hand, we feel rather bad for anyone caught driving in that Oshawott car. We'd hope for a Blastoise car, but we have a feeling there aren't many Humvees in Japan.

pokemon 2

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