HarmoKnight, a new side-scrolling title from the development team behind Pokemon, will be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS eShop March 28th.

While the Nintendo 3DS has a pretty solid showing during Thursday's Nintendo Direct event as far as full-fledged retail releases are concerned, there was just as much good news about the handheld's eShop shared as well. There are a few new games coming to the 3DS, including one from the developers at Game Freak that is quite different from what you're used to seeing.

HarmonKnight is a side-scrolling music adventure, wherein the hero travels the world collecting notes and bashing enemies that create a unique soundtrack to the game. In theory, every single playthrough could be different, resulting in a slightly tweaked soundtrack being presented each time. The downloadable game will feature more than 50 levels spread across 8 worlds, and will even include a special Pokemon themed level featuring a key track from that franchise.

You can check out some screenshots of HarmonKnight below. If you're still wondering if HarmoKnight is going to be your type of game, there will be a demo available on March 14th.