Pokémon has stepped up its trading card game by bringing it to iOS and now it's stepping it up even further with an expansion.

Game Freak has recognized that they need a refresher for their Pokémon Trading Card Game and decided it would be in the way of an expansion, Polygon reports. If you're a little confused with what's going on, don't worry, we are too. The expansion that will bring 160 new cards will be for the physical Pokemon Trading Card Game -- the one where you go to Target and get all the cool shiny cards that none of your friends have. However, the expansion, when bought, will also unlock new cards in the iOS version -- specifically, the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has been ready for another expansion for a little while now and XY Primal Clash will add not only booster packs, but also the theme decks Earth's Pulse and Ocean's Core along with over 160 new cards. You can expect these new cards to feature Pokémon such as Kyogre-EX, Primal Groudon-EX and some super cool Mega-Evolutions.

The expansion will be coming out soon and allow you to buy 10-card booster packs for $3.99 or 60-card theme decks for $12.99. All you have to do to get the new cards is plug in the codes included with the boosters.

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