Remember the Pokemon encyclopedia app we posted about a few weeks ago? Well, it is now available in the App Store as a Universal app for two American dollars. With a purchase of the Pokedex for iOS app, you will be able to access every Pokemon in the "Unova region". Access to the other regions and the extra content there will require in-app purchases.

We are a little surprised that the Pokemon craze is still going strong, but it seems there is no shortage of people out there who still gotta catch 'em all. And there is some comfort for the obsessive-compulsive completest in all of us, knowing that these guides are the official word from Mt. Pikachu.

Just make sure, if you want to get this app, that you're purchasing the right one, as there's no shortage of fan made, non-official Pokedex-type apps out there. What's that? You want us to link it for you? Fine, we'll help you out. Here's the link for the official Pokedex app for iPhone and iPad.

And just cause we like ya, here's some screens for you to check out as well: