Just a few days after it was announced, a listing for the Borderlands 2 PlayStation Vita Slim Bundle has appeared on Amazon.

As of this writing, you can head to Amazon to pre-order the bundle for $199.99. A projected released date of May 31 is given, but we could see this thing released even sooner or, if we're very unlucky, it could get pushed back. Sony hasn't given any indication beyond a spring timeframe, so this date is definitely subject to change.

Just as a reminder, the bundle comes packed with a download voucher for the Vita version Borderlands 2, the new PlayStation Vita Slim Wi-Fi system and an 8GB Memory Card. The game itself includes six downloadable content packs: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, the Psycho Character Class, the Mechromancer Character Class, the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1 and the Collector's Edition Pack.

So if you want to lock in your purchase before these suckers are gone, head to the link above and lay down your pre-order. The great thing is that you won't get charged until the bundle actually ships, so you can work on saving up some cash for this sweet package.