Wild Arms, ToeJam & Earl, Dino Crisis, Double Dragon Neon and Legend of Dragoon are just some of the classic titles you can get for only $0.99 each on the PlayStation Store this weekend.

Sony has announced a flash sale for this weekend on the PlayStation Blog. This flash sale is running all weekend long and features over twenty games priced at only $0.99 each. Some noteworthy classics include Dino Crisis 1-2, Double Dragon Neon, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Legend of Dragoon, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD, Syphon Filter 1-3, Tekken 2, Thomas Was Alone, ToeJam & Early, Twisted Metal: Black, Virtua Fighter 2, Wild Arms 1-2 and more. Our own preferences? Try out RPG history with Wild Arms and Legend of Dragoon if you never tried them yet. For Resident Evil fans, we suggest you play series creator Shinji Mikami's dinosaur-filled Dino Crisis.

This epic flash sale featuring some of yesteryear's greats ends on July 14 at 12PM PST.

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