A while back, Platinum Games joked about a potential Bayonetta platformer. Today, the developer released it as an in-browser game you could play for free.

Kotaku reports that if you're tired of boring 404 screens, then Platinum Games has got you covered. It seems that the development company has made an old-school shooter called Angel Land. The only two things you can really do in the game are jump and shoot, but when you land on a 404 page, it's not exactly like you need anything hardcore anyway. The game itself is supposedly almost impossible to beat so, there's that. You can get to the game through any kind of URL that will end up in a 404 on Platinum Games' website so there's pretty much endless possibilities for getting there, although an easy way would just be to go to here.

Check out the tiny game that packs a big punch now while we all patiently await news of a possible third entry in the Bayonetta story.

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