The botanical war against the undead gets even grander with the addition of some new plants and zombies.

PopCap Games has officially announced the "Far Future" update for Plants vs. Zombies 2  on EA's site. Far Future will bring about ten new zombie baddies and a new battlefield for you to wage war on. In order to help you repel the zombie outbreak, you have eight new plants that are going to help you hold the line.

The first of these new plants is Laser Bean, who can pierce through shielded zombies rather easily. Citron can damage mechs in the Future levels (where the zombies can attack in giant robots which most of your flowers can't take down). Star-Fruits will shoot stars wildly throughout the far reaches of the field in order to obliterate zombies all across the map. Also be prepared for the inclusion of Power Tiles.

The update will be available soon across all platforms.