We all know that most video game and Adam Sandler movies have been pretty bad, but when you put them together in Pixels, you get an live action arcade adventure that could be worth a few of your tokens.

If you were to tell us that Pac-Man and Adam Sandler would be in a movie together, our first reaction would be, "he should be training for the Mayweather fight," because we simply wouldn't believe you. Adam Sandler hasn't really had a good movie since The Wedding Singer, and video game-based film content has been increasing in quality over the years, so having Happy Gilmore star in a comedy about a retro arcade character-filled alien invasion seems a bit of a strange decision to us. Nevertheless, you can watch the trailer above and check out Little Nicky teaming up with our favorite Destiny Ghost, Peter Dinklage, to save the world from the likes of Arkanoid and Donkey Kong in Pixels.

For anyone confused so far, Pixels is a movie, based on a short film (provided below), that is about aliens misinterpreting video footage of vintage arcade games (e.g. Space Invaders ) as declarations of war, resulting in an alien invasion. The aliens decide to use the same retro games as the basis for their assaults on Earth, such as a giant Pac-Man terrorizing everyone in an urban city. The President then calls his childhood best friend, an '80s video game champ who grew up to become a home theater installer, to rally a pro team of arcade players (which includes Peter Dinklage) to stop the extraterrestrial menace and save us all in Ghostbusters fashion. The film also stars Sean Bean, Michelle Monaghan, Jane Krakowski, Josh Gad, Kevin James, Brian Cox, and Ashley Benson. Make sure you keep an eye out for the scene with Toru Iwatani, the creator of Pac-Man.

Pixels will go from the arcade to the silver screen on July 24.

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