We're a few weeks away from the debut of Dead Rising: Watchtower, and we finally have some new zombie-slaying footage to gawk at.

Thanks to Gamespot, we have found some new footage of Dead Rising: Watchtower, Legendary's first live-action entry into Capcom's other well-known zombie franchise. In this Watchtower video, we see a makeshift medical clinic become overrun with zombies. The government originally had the Zombrex vaccine to fight the zombie outbreak, but when the medicine stopped preventing the reanimation of the dead, all hell breaks loose. As the dead start rising and eating all the living, Jesse Metcalfe's character is seen reacting to the horror and doing his best to survive. While Metcalfe's character has not been named, we theorize that he's a younger version of Frank West (he's covered wars, you know), who was depicted by Rob Riggle in the movie trailer. During the trailer, Frank West was locked up in a news studio, far from the zombie action, so we assume that Metcalfe (who is front and center as the movie's protagonist) could be playing as West or as a different hero entirely. We should note that Metcalfe and Riggle both look like the character, with Riggle looking like a slightly-aged version of him.

Fans should know that Leprechaun: Origins director Zach Lipovsky directed Dead Rising: Watchtower. That should be a clear, distinct warning to Capcom fans that they shouldn't be expecting much quality when it comes to this film — it is very much a B movie, where quality is tossed out the window. Watchtower also stars Meghan Ory, Virginia Madsen and Dennis Haysbert. It will be released on March 27 via Sony's streaming service, Crackle, and will eventually pan out to Video on Demand, DVD and other distribution formats.

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