Finally, we get to see the live-action version of Frank West and the zany, over-the-top undead escapades of 'Dead Rising: Watchtower' in action.

Crackle has released the debut trailer of 'Dead Rising: Watchtower,' the live-action entry of Capcom's comedic zombie series. Surprisingly, Rob Riggle, who is playing Frank West, has zero screen time fighting the undead. Instead, Jesse Metcalfe is seen doing all the zombie-slaying work and West a guest during a news broadcast covering the recent zombie outbreak. Now that we think about it, Metcalfe looks a bit more like the famous photographer than Riggle does -- he's even got the hair.

During the trailer, West asks a rhetorical question about him being the only person who knows how to deal with zombies, indicating that he previously dealt with them in the past. Could Metcalfe be playing a flashback version of Frank West? Nevertheless, we're glad to see Metcalfe wearing a Servbot shirt and sporting the Sledge Saw hybrid weapon from Dead Rising 3. We hope those Servbot shirts become available to buy somewhere.

'Dead Rising: Watchtower' debuts March 27 exclusively on Crackle. Other kinds of video-on-demand services will be offering Dead Rising at a later date, while a Blu-ray and DVD will eventually happen in the months that follow.

Frank West has covered wars that destroyed cities, you know.

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