A celebratory Pikachu parade was shut down over the weekend after too many people showed up to cheer on the winner of the Pokemon World Championships.

According to Kotaku, this past weekend, Seoul, South Korea hosted a parade to commemorate the first Pokemon World Championship win by a South Korean. The Pikachu-themed parade slowly filled up to a point where the police started to feel uncomfortable. A similar parade was held in Japan this past summer, but it definitely didn't have the same volume of fans, as it went off without a hitch. There were so many people attending the event in Seoul that the police decided to cancel two of the parades. Organizers were so worried about a stampede, that they closed down the 3PM and 5PM shows and only held the parade during 2PM and 4PM.

We're glad that the police and event coordinators had everyone's safety in mind, but come on. Who wouldn't get excited over a Pikachu parade?