The latest trailers for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth introduce us to Aigis, Rei and the great actresses who helped bring the game to life.

Atlus has released some new trailers for Persona Q that focus on Aigis and Rei. The third video Atlus posted is a special behind the scenes interview with Persona Q's voice actors. Listen to Amanda Winn Lee (Yukiko Amagi), and Karen Strassman (Aigis and Nanako), speak out on what it took to bring their characters to life. We also get to hear them talk about cursing and all sorts of other fun topics.

Rei is one of the new characters introduced in Persona Q. She's partnered with Zen and loves all kinds of food, even melted ice cream (melted ice cream is still better than no ice cream). Aigis and her Persona, Palladion, are back to help the S.E.E.S. and Investigation Team. Aigis is a good damage dealer for the back row, but just make sure you have a good healer at her side.

Be ready to fix the Velvet Room when Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth debuts on Nov. 25 exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

If you're looking forward to Persona Q, you're going to love this: