Two of our favorite characters from Persona got spotlight trailers this week for their appearances in the upcoming 3DS title, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Get a better look at chibi Mitsuru and Yousuke.

Okay, we can't even front. We've had a super crush on Mitsuru since the second we laid eyes on her in Persona 3. That she's continued to appear in follow-ups like Persona 4: Arena and the upcoming Persona Q bodes well for our fanboy hearts. Even in chibi form, Mitsuru's an imposing and compelling presence we can't steer away from. Just how the two schools will come together and what role she'll play in the 3DS title remains unclear, but we're certainly glad to have the chance to reunite with the elder student once more.

Yosuke might be a bit more of a goofball, but as far as friends go, you probably couldn't do much better than this co-star of Persona 4. He's even still rocking those headphones, which happen to be about as big as his chibi head in Persona Q. Unfortunately, there's still no word on when or if we can expect Persona Q to arrive stateside, but the game's Japan launch is going down this June. Perhaps Atlus and Sega will have more to share come E3 2014. For now, we'll just have to cross our fingers, and hope the (rabid) fanbase is vocal enough for the developer and publisher to hear.