Before you get to fighting through the ridiculous dungeons in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, you should meet some more of your fellow classmates. This time, we have Chie Satonaka and Akihiko Sanada.

The videos, while short and sweet, offer us a look at some of the one-on-one conversations in which characters can engage with one another. The animations for all of the characters are simple, but they certainly bring our favorite Persona alumni to life. This is a welcome change from the detailed, but mostly static 2D portraits that were used in previous Persona titles.

We also get to briefly see Chie and Akihiko in battle, showing off a few of their signature moves. After all, it wouldn't be Chie if she didn't let loose a ridiculous amount of kicks.

Watch the videos above and below and look forward to Persona Q's release on the 3DS in Japan this June. We'll have to wait for news of a North American date, but we've got the feeling that Atlus and Sega won't disappoint.