We have learned all sorts of juicy deets about the high school hijinks of Atlus' next big RPG, Persona 5.

According to Siliconera, this week's issue of Famitsu magazine reveals all sorts of details about Persona 5. Atlus, which recently unveiled Persona 5's debut trailer, is throwing all sorts of curve balls our way, while still staying true to the themes and motifs of Persona 3-4 and their various spin-offs. We have learned that Persona 5 takes place in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, but will have your group visiting various locations throughout the entire city.

This new protagonist is a transfer student who moved into a coffee shop owned by friends of his parents. Starting his second year of high school, he'll encounter his own exclusive Persona (a series first), Arsene. Arsene is likely short for Arsene Lupin, the famous, fictional thief who was the main inspiration for the 'Lupin III' anime/manga series. Franchise fans should expect another Social Link feature, new stealth and acrobatic elements to the game's dungeons and some sort of serious problem afflicting the main character's sanity.

Persona 5 will launch later this year in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and a Western release is expected in the months that follow.

Don't forget to play this Meets Metal cover in anticipation:

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