The new trailer for Persona 5 has 'Lupin the Third' written all over it, and we love it.

Atlus has finally given us our first good look at Persona 5, and (whew) it is quite impressive. We've still got the ragtag group of high schoolers grouping together (only three seen so far) with a feline mascot to set things right in their city, but things are quite different this time around. The Aizen-looking main character with the glasses actually removes his spectacles and became a masked vigilante at night with his two blonde friends (a boy and a girl) -- his cat even dons as a mask as well. If it wasn't for the jazzy soundtrack and the scene of Igor in the Velvet Room, we wouldn't even think this was a Persona game.

The characters can be seen eluding the capture of what appears to be some kind of crime syndicate. The gameplay is much more action and stealth-oriented this time around, as the protagonist is seen lurking about while armed goons patrol the area around him. Platforming sequences were featured as well The masked burglar/hero outfits carry over to combat, but we're not sure if the masked vigilante disguise will be an ongoing thing each night in the game. Speaking of combat, our main character's weapon of choice is a pistol, which is quite different than the ones we saw used in Persona 3.

While it doesn't have a release date yet, Persona 5 is expected to launch in Japan later this year for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Based on previous releases of the franchise, we expect that the Persona 5's Western debut will happen a few months after its Japanese launch.

Blast this song and be proud to be a Persona fan:

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