One of our favorite role-playing games from the PlayStation 2 era is making the jump to the PlayStation 3.

The official website for the Entertainment Software Rating Board has just released an official posting about its game rating for Persona 4, officially slapping it with an M rating, just as the game originally did with its PlayStation 2 release. The ESRB site describes that it received an M rating due to the inclusion of blood, language, partial nudity, violence, drinking references and sexual themes, which we do remember from playing it on PS2 when it came out six years ago.

The ESRB website described the overall plot of Persona 4 alongside its official rating, noting some of its more mature themes. The ESRB described this RPG as revolving around the act of summoning strange creatures, called Personas (with the assistance of tarot cards), in order to fight similar creatures. Of these monsters, the ESRB mentions that certain female Personas have their breasts exposed while others have phallic-shaped heads and bodies. We can't wait.

Unfortunately, this rating gave no kind of any actual details as to Persona 4's PS3 release besides the fact that it's in development and is planned for a North American release. Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the PS3 release of Persona 4 as more information becomes available.

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