Shoot Many Robots, which was first released a year ago for PC and consoles, has now made the jump to the mobile gaming universe. Somewhat surprisingly, this indie hit from Demiurge Studios has landed on Android first, with an iOS version still in the works. Usually it goes the other way around, right?

If you're unfamiliar with Shoot Many Robots, the game is a side-scrolling endless shooter in which, you guessed it, you shoot a ton of robots. Even though we're still waiting for the game where you get to take on robots with your bare hands, this one will definitely do for now.

There were some gameplay and difficulty issues that were criticisms of the PC version, and the mobile efforts are supposed to address those problems. Demiurge would be smart to do so, as audience supporting the mobile market is much more casual. We shall have to wait and see.

There's no specific date for the iOS version, but according to Demiurge, it will hit the App Store "in the near future."