Could the infamous FMV fright fest of the Sega CD be returning without those fuzzy, compressed videos? The owner to the rights of Night Trap says it will.

The owner to the rights of the controversial Sega CD title, Night Trap, along with the game’s co-creator, claims that it will be re-released in the future, CVG reports. Night Trap was an FMV-based, survival horror game released back in 1992. The game featured hidden cameras set up in a house where you could switch between them and help a beautiful girls in nighttime attire escape a group of attacking vampires. James Riley, who owns the rights to Night Trap, told fans on the game’s closed Facebook page that he plans to re-release the game in the future.

"I appreciate your on-going interest," Riley posted. "But please understand I do plan to re-release Night Trap and have been talking with a number of interested parties to do so. However, the specific platform(s) have not been confirmed (including online) and I will let you know once we have a definite plan and release schedule."

The Facebook page is filled with many fans uniting to try and encourage a remastered version of the original game. During extended periods of time when Riley isn't posting, many commentators suggest he should just sell the rights of the game to someone who would make a re-release happen, but he claims he that isn't necessary.

"Night Trap will come back, in better resolution and game play than before, we just want to be sure it's the best strategy for all involved,” Riley claimed.