Fans of independent developers and Google's Android operating system have reason to rejoice, as the Ouya has started shipping. Initial supporters of the Ouya's successful $8.6 million Kickstarter campaign will get first crack at the system.

For gamers who didn't shell out Kickstarter cash, the Ouya will hit retail June 4th at the cheap price of $99.99. That figure will get you the console and a controller. However, an extra controller will cost an extra $49.99.

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman believes the system reinvigorates the current console model by opening channels to game developers who want to create and publish games for TV sets, and she says that over 8,000 software engineers are currently developing games for the system.

"Featuring vivid HD graphics, immersive sound, and a gamer's controller, Ouya delivers a unique platform for enjoying games of every genre, from racing to shooter, action adventure to RPG, and platformer to puzzle," said Uhrman to TG Daily.