A successful $8.6 million Kickstarter campaign and an eye catching design are two positives in Ouya's history, but the Android centered console still faces huge challenges.

As reported by Ars Technica, Ouya founder Julie Uhrman talked about the importance of consistent growth for the console during her appearance at today's Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, Ca.

"My (definition of) success for Ouya is that we show momentum month over month," said Uhrman. "Every month we're selling more units, every month we're getting more games, every month people are playing those games longer, every month there is a must have game. That's success, at least in the first year."

Uhrman also added that upgrades to the Ouya will be, "closer to the (yearly) mobile refresh rate than the console refresh rate." As far as future hardware for the console, that's a topic that can be tabled for later discussions, if or when Ouya becomes a household name and does solid business.

"If we don't nail this, nothing else really matters," said Uhrman about the console, which ships to Kickstarter supporters starting March 28th.