The little box has big plans as Ouya gears up for its 'Ouya Everywhere' initiative, which seeks to bring Ouya games to TVs that aren't connected to Ouyas.

An article on Slashdot featured an interview with Julie Uhrman, co-founder and CEO of Ouya. In it, she describes just what Ouya Everywhere will seek to do when its fully announced next week.

While the Ouya box is a small, $99 device that plays Android games, Ouya Everywhere will make it so that gamers can play Ouya games without the need for one. “Right now, our growth is limited by how quickly we can make a box and put it into market," Uhrman said. "We know that our demand far exceeds our ability to do that.”

With that said, Uhrman added that maybe accomplishing this could mean another set-top box or even the TV itself. "There’s a number of different ways that games can be played on the television, and we’re actively exploring all of them," said Uhrman. Though she didn't divulge any real details, Uhrman did say that the company started talking to interested parties at CES and that it is "jumping in with both feet," with the initiative becoming a core focus for Ouya. The company has even signed one deal, which we can expect to be announced in the near future.

To boil down what Ouya Everywhere is all about, Uhrman described its focus as "bringing our software to other people’s devices by embedding it in those devices. We’ve always wanted to be an open platform. It started with a hardware product for us. We will always have an Ouya reference design… but in addition to just being a reference device we believe our ecosystem can live on other devices.”

The official announcement for Ouya Everywhere will happen later this week. We'll keep you updated on news about this next step in Ouya's future.