The Other Brothers launched a few weeks ago and the reviews have been mixed. We loved the retro-art look of the game and were willing to look past the control issues to give the game a great review. But many other gamers out there had serious issues with the way the dev team at Simian Squared handled the virtual d-pad controls.

Rather than going the standard route, The Other Brothers tried something new by creaing a virtual d-pad that was designed like an actual physical d-pad, instead of just creating one superimposed on the screen. This did not go over well, as many fans and critics found it hard to really connect with them.

In an encouraging sign that they're receptive to fan criticism, Simian Squared has addressed the situation with a recent patch that adds several new control schemes, in order to give people more options. Check 'em out below:

Are you happy they put in more control options?